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Making a Top Down Tile set For the Community – Part 3

July 29th 2017 | Making a Top Down Tile set For the Community Thank you for all the people that joined the stream , we did some good progress on the top down asset pack for the community! Cheers

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Making a Top Down Tile set For the Community

July 6th 2017 | Making a Top Down Tile set For the Community We had a fun stream that night, I also decided to start this “once a week” work of building an asset pack that people in our community could use for making games or prototypes. It will be released to the channel subscribers,and […]

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BITOCHONDRIA Update 0.2.24

Support me on Patreon!   FIXED: Gun upgrades linked to debug mode ADDED: Environmental sprites ADDED: Hub main checkpoint level    

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We are a small indie gamedev studio with big aspirations and made of many things

Prototype - Demo Phase (ETA: Fall 2016)
Marketing - Funding Phase
Final Development + Release
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Any number bigger than one

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level. Just kidding, it's Indie game development, but hey, we hope to seduce some of you to partner on projects.



Pixel Art, Animation, C2 programming, very much French

Main developper on "MYTHS"

Hey you!

Hey you!

C2, unity, UE4 programmer

We are looking for somebody committed with experience on larger projects

    And why not you either?

    And why not you either?

    2D artist

    We are looking for talented artists with possible animation experience


      We also provide professional freelance services in the following domains. Do not hesitate to contact us to get an estimate for your project.

      We use Construct 2 for fast prototyping 2D games. Need a quick prototype? Ask us!
      Pixel Art
      Need character animations for a small or a large game? Backgrounds? Tilemaps? Check out our portfolio and ask us for an estimate!
      Aiming for release?
      Yes, we are serious about it, we will support your project all the way. Is the game design document getting overwhelming, your team getting bigger and needs structure and directions? We can help you keep track of your next tasks and keep the momentum going by balancing between assessing the big picture vs micro management tasks with a strong set of project sharing tools.
      Web Design
      Need a landing page that looks good on all devices? Sweet animated backgrounds? Need help with extra features like e-commerce? We have over 8 years experience in web development and are truly passionate in the design of your website.
      Live Streaming
      Are you serious streamer? Need animated overlays, notifications? Custom made Twitch games? We have experience and the tools to make it happen! Increase your audience by adding a unique way to interact with your viewers!
      stuck in your code?
      We offer consulting and support for the Construct2 and Unity 3D game engines.
      Somewhere sunny and hot California, USA