BAZUKI: Our entry for Indie Vs Gamers Jam!

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  • Fast Paced Action Space shooter

  • Procedural level generation

  • Full Gamepad support

  • Asteroid Mining / Ship Crafting

  • Exit the ship anytime!

  • Map exploration

  • Alien AI

The Story:

Bazuki is set in a future universe. You are coming back to the mining station you left a month ago as suspicious activity has been reported in the system lately. Some messages talked about ships using technology never seen before that attacked our convoys. While some cannot help but to mention that the Prophecy is happening, people like you have been asked to put an end to these conflicts on the edge of the Federation territory.


It has been a long time since the Federation had to face such an important threat and all hopes go towards us being prepared on time in case of a major invasion.

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