Ludum Dare #33: Curse of the Poncho

Our Ludum Dare #33 entry: Curse of the Poncho

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Jam Theme:

  • You are the monster

  • Must be made in 72 hours

  • Must use only assets made in the time of the jam


  • Southwestern steam punk universe

  • Fast paced shooting action

  • Cactus monsters

  • Ponchos that can hold weapons bigger than yourself

  • A deep short story driven adventure

The Story:

Curse of the Poncho is a game about redeeming the monster inside of you. You are possessed by a cactus demon for obscure reasons that you cannot remember. your new host tells you that there is reason for this curse, that you helping the inhabitants of the town may be your only ticket to get rid of the demon. In the meantime, the demon gives you his power if you tend to be cruel on the battleship. Your new “companion” drives you to a town, visibly under attack… Will you be able to keep the monster inside of you or will it be the key to discover what really happened to you?

Release Platform: 


Release Date:


Play the Jam build HERE!

Post Jam Build (coming soon)

CONTROLS: (Keyboard and Gamepad only)

WASD/Arrows/Joystick/D-Pad = Move Player

SPACE/GamePad A = Attack/Talk

C/GamePad Start = Controls (Or click Controls in top left)

M/GamePad Select = Toggle Audio (Or click audio button in control window)

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