Block n’ White, made in 1 day for #qazijam 7

Theme: “Black and White”

This game has basic platformer mechanics, but the thing is that your path is given to you before you are about to take it. Your visual memory will be put at test!

You have the power to use platforms to switch between two worlds of light and consciousness; follow the lead of the Moon against the wrath of the Sun and all the elements of the Day!



Keyboard: A/D or LEFT/RIGHT Arrows to moveW or UP Arrow to jump

Gamepad: D-pad or Left stick to moveButton A to jump.

Your sight increases at night while jumping and can be used to scout the area

The game was started on 9/25/16 and was finished on 9/26/16 early in the morning! Now off to sleep!


You can play the jam version as well as the post jam version HERE


Live replay of the jam!

Watch live video from on


QaziTV plays the games!, he plays Block & White at about 2:44;44 into the video.

Watch live video from on

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