MYTHS: UPDATE 0.036 – Swords, blood and show me the light!

Hey guys, it has been a week or so since the last update, I will now release weekly build every Sunday.

Build 0.036 has a few major changes. I definitely recommend that you try this version on the game pad as not ALL control inputs have been implemented with the keyboard yet

  • [ADDED] Light puzzle before the boss room. Each Boss will have a puzzle before you can fight him/her. Place the shards of crystal laying around to send the light in the ancient’s eyes.
  • [ADDED] Bow: third weapon available in some levels, still needs the whole ballistics in place, but controls are working.
  • [UPDATED] Combat and weapon switching, now you switch into combat mode, from which you can choose the available weapons – NOTE: The cameras need a rewrite because of that
  • [ADDED] Frog Enemies, react to your attacks but still cannot die. Enjoy
  • [ADDED] Blood trails and effects when receiving attacks.
  • [ADDED] Screen shake depending on the attack intensity, with some random parameters


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