New rewards Tiers for our Patreon page

New Patreon rewards system available on our page! Discord rewards available, get to design your own character for the monthly asset pack release and more!

Support me on Patreon!


Why Patreon, you might wonder?

As some of you might know, our community on Discord has grown quite a lot. Since Discord has become the main hub to stay in touch with our online community, I am happily welcoming the integration between Discord and Patreon. It now allows for automated rewards on our discord server, it gives more visibility to our Patreon page, but ultimately, Discord will bring a higher level of discussion and community to the Patreon community.

The first objective with this is to be able to offer more than twitch emotes and chat commands to the community that has been very supportive since I started my game development journey on Twitch.

Since many people watching me are into game development, I decided to offer rewards that would be pertinent to the audience:

  • Asset packs that patrons can download every month.
  • Design with me or request from me a fully animated sprite once a month for the community asset pack.
  • Vote for stream content during “Sunday SubDay”.
  • and more…

All now with discord integration on our server.

The second objective is to help me stream my development process more often and consistently ( See goals ). As goals are met, it will fund pixel art/game assets making videos, and tutorials that will be available to everyone.