Pixelart for 3D Concepts – Spartan Fist

Browsing Twitter the other day, I realized a game I had been following re-tweeted a post from Megan Foxlooking for an artist that could do concept pixelart for their 3D / voxels based game, Spartan Fist.

Check out their latest trailer to see how the game will rock your socks!

Spartan Fist is a first person puncher, literally. You will fight opponents in enclosed arenas in a very bright and colorful 3D-voxel style and will have to punch your way out to victory.


I never heard of the actual possibility to use pixelart as concept art for 3D games before. Don’t get me wrong, I tried many times to use pixel art to generate pixel art like 3D objects, but never in a way that the pixel art was the prime concept behind 3D models like this. I usually skip the concept art phase and draw directly in the pixelart editor and always thought that voxel artists would do the same So I was immediately interested about it and replied to the post.

I luckily got selected to have a take on one of their arena design; the “Underground Station“. The lead developer gave me plenty of directions and resources to work from and we agreed on a time frame / budget. I was given a couple color palettes to keep as constraints and deviated slightly on some tones, nothing fancy. Another thing to remember, punk rats will be fighting in this abandoned metro station and it will need to show with graffiti, wear and tear on the walls, dirt etc.

So here is my take on the “Underground Station” pixelart concept. The key here was too keep it in a manner where the 3D artist can use objects the way you would do it with 2D tiles to extrude them later on and make blocks, which will turn into structures. The biggest challenge for me was to not to make it too grim as the game as a certain colorful style, as well as to keep the overall work around 3 hours.



Here is part#2 or a time-lapse video of our live stream on twitch.tv

I composed the piece with a grid in mind, so I could create “tile-able” end and middle pieces that could assemble to create various sizes and shapes of the same object . Also, I layered it in a way that the same piece of wall could be rendered with different “decorative” elements to hopefully minimize visual repetitions in game.

I had a lot of fun with this project as I am not a concept artist in the way that my drawing skills are quite limited. Therefore I always skipped that part by taking time to design it all in the same pixelart editor. So it was exciting trying to design something blindly, as I did not have a way to see it in game as I usually do when I design assets. I did spend a bit more time than anticipated, probably due to the fact that I had to get into the groove and had to a hard time keeping in mind that this was concept art only and got “stuck” into a level of detail I then had to keep consistent.

Let’s hope Glass Bottom Games will have a successful run on their release in 2018 and that they might need more concepts for their 3D designs. Also props to Megan Fox at Glass Bottom Games   for using pixelart for voxels design! Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam via the link below, it really helps them:


Wishlist on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/632170/Spartan_Fist/

Website: http://spartanfist.com/

Also follow Megan Fox on twitter: https://twitter.com/glassbottommeg