That was close but we got a game to submit for LD40: Super Pinball Maker!

The game was made over three days by TackerTacker and Diver and has entered the voting phase for the Jam contest!

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Super Pinball Maker is a take on the pinball / breakout genre, with possibilities to edit your own levels.

Go Rate our game, our game needs ratings! Did I mention the game needs ratings? Pleease!


Ludum Dare Jam submission Update:

For now, only the “New Layout” button works in the menu, you can create a full layout and play it

Here are the things we didn’t have time to finish on time for the jam and plan on implementing:

  • Point system (Hi score + Leaderboard)
  • more powerups
  • End goal location (Winning condition)
  • Save Load Layouts and share online with friends
  • Little bugs with the pixel editor
    • delete tool
    • select tool not 100% functional
  • More sounds and music
  • Volume, graphic options

 If you would like to see these features worked on sooner than others, make sure to leave feedback in the comments section!

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