Bittercup for Twitch (beta)

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Add some Flair to your Twitch Jar


Displays an animation to overlay over the Jar API from Streamlabs, for Twitch
FREE to use (beta version)
Works with OBS Studio and Xsplit (tested) Browser source
Manual interactions (coming soon)
More animations for each cup coming soon!



OBS Studio (or Xsplit) needs to be installed prior to this setup.

  1. In OBS studio, add a new “browser source”, give it a name. Add the following URL in the properties:
  2. Make the dimensions of the source fit your screen. The app is at a native 1920×1080 resolution.
  3. Right click and add a “color Key Filter”, select custom color and pick the background color on the screen.
  4. Set it so that only the background color is removed. You can also add opacity here in case of you want the tool over the cup
  5.  Right click on your source and click on “interact”. Position the animation over your existing Jar Browser Source (you can position it behind or in front)
  6. You can also change the hue, brightness and vibrance on the filter settings to change colors
  7. See the commands list to interact manually with the animation.