What game(s) is Nativepixels working on?

We are currently working on Satire X, Silence of Boots, and MYTHS .logoPanda6x


Who is Nativepixels?

Nativepixels is an independent studio, working on games, apps and webdesign when the latter doesn’t take all our time. The core of the studio is made of Adrien “DiVeR” Avellan and is also made of many other developpers in the discord, reddit and twitch community that get involved in the current projects.

I get it, you make games, anything else you do?

Yes, our involved developpers all have other skills under their belt. Therefore, we also offer freelance services for a variety of projects that involve hardware engineering, arts, computer science and more! Meet our Team to learn more!

I see you are working hard on this game, how can I help the development?

You can either help financially, we have a Patreon page or you can also make direct donations via Paypal.