Bitochondria is a single player game, with minimalist narrative elements that let’s you play a newly formed unicellular that has to find a purpose, if not answers to its early questions. For this you will have to wander through a network of galleries to discover, as well as other living inhabitants that will let you assimilate them to become a more complex organism.

You have been given one breath to live before you will return to eternity….

Your character first has to thrive on oxygen found in air pockets. You will constantly have to remember to monitor your ever expanding metabolism to make sure your cell stays stable. Will your quest for improvement be the dawn of your mere existence or will it lead you to achieve the impossible?

One thing is certain, everything about this life is a compromise.


Right now the game has very simple mechanics but well worked out controls. The game loop is in place and the plan is to add content such as:

  • Features for the main character, the idea is that your cell can only hold a certain amount of endo organisms inside and the combination of them will each time produce a different effect to your attacks and dash actions.
  • More paths for you to take to reach the objectives
  • More puzzles involving new features
  • environment art and characters will be completely redone in pixel art, offering different ecosystems.
  • User Interface and titles will include higher resolution art.
  • Expanding the narrative, not only with text, but also by conveying emotions with other feedback outputs such as music and simple visuals.