“You are a candidate in training for a position at Electroncity Corp. We just need to run you through the training session to make sure you are as smart as you seem. “

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Learn about wave characteristics, digital and analog signals, and various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. You will learn how to change characteristics of waves and produce a different output. After each training session, you’ll take a quiz to move to the next.

Electroncity was made for and published by Legends of Learning. It is available on their platforms as of Summer 2017.

Legends of Learning has a comprehensive library of educative games that are designed to not only make class time fun and accessible, but super effective, too. The game is meant to match standards (NGSS, TEKS and GSE) aligned to support teachers lesson plans.

All games are thoroughly tested and vetted out by teachers and students to ensure effectiveness in the classroom. We suggest you visit their website as they are a great organization, backed by data that show how games can help learning.

Electroncity earned the achievement award, passed QA testing and is now available in the library of Legends of Learning for students and teachers to use!

You can create a free account and try the game HERE