“Who awakened the Myth that eradicated the town of Memori? One thing is certain; one of the Ancients was involved… but can Myths ever be destroyed?”

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The game is going to be an epic adventure, with platformer elements, as well as fighting. The main focus will be on the adventure, finding clues needed to solve puzzles to advance, and of course, use the character’s skills at fencing, parrying, and throwing to get rid of anyone in your way.
The story will have many twists and I intentionally do not want to reveal it as the player will learn who he is and what is real objectives will be as s/he progresses through the game..


You start the game as an apprentice logger, worried about the predictions of the village’s wizard, that a neighbor village may have used powers to harness the energy of the moon to resuscitate old demons that even the gods thought we’d never see again. As your village took part in a fierce battle opposing the two coalitions, you, and the rest of the men of the village, volunteered to join the ranks of the soldiers. You are one of the few survivors standing and before you get spotted, you run and fall unconscious under a tree. As you wake up, you see the friendly face of a providential stranger who seems to know the surroundings and a bit too much about the recent events…


My plan with the game is to get it to a point where I have a polished, bug free, playable and presentable vertical slice of my game, a playable demo and the necessary feedback to see if the game will be worth finishing as it is and what direction the players would like it to take. I want it to get to a point where I would be proud to present it at a big convention. Yes GDC, Gamescom and all, I am looking at you.

I do not believe in starting a funding campaign too early, especially in 2016. This is why I will get back on a regular streaming schedule on Twitch ( ) for people to look at the daily progress, as well as giving access to the discord channel to the people that want to get involved in any way with the development of the game. The goal is, once the demo finished, to take a brake form development and work actively on spreading the word, getting the game play-tested by a good sample population, as well as working and learning the ropes of marketing an indie game release, which would end the “Pre-Demo” phase and start the “Post Demo” phase. I do not know what to expect from the latter phase, except that it will rely a lot on how good of a job I did on the demo.
Initially, the project started as a game jam many months before I started working on it on my own daily. I was very attached to the art I produced for that jam and while the other devs wanted to move on and make another game, I kept thinking of ways to reuse that art and maybe revisit the game we first tried to make. At first, it was a typical 8 directions top down view slasher that was including one level. We received medium ratings for it and because the jam was not judged, we did not get much feedback from it. When I was 9, I played the first Prince of Persia on Atari ST and to this day, it has remained in my mind as one of the best platformer games ever made. Why? Because it was breaking from the established genre, using complex stop motion animations for the time, while everyone was trying to emulate Mario. After reading the Journal of Jordan Mechner, the maker of PoP, I really got inspired in trying to emulate the atmosphere of the game as well as some of the mechanics.

Price of Persia, 1989

One thing I always wanted in Price of Persia, was more involved fights, it had some elements of fencing, but the frame rate at the time did not allow Mechner, the designer, to do fast animations like you would get in combats.  Therefore, the combats were pretty simple until the 3D versions came out. To me, that is what made this series amazing in terms of pure controller/animations management, a domain for which I have a lot of interest personally. I always wanted to work on an adventure that would take some elements for PoP and many of the games I have a connection with.

I hope that I convinced you enough to learn more about this project and that we will develop great discussion over the not yet mentioned games.


I decided to use pixel art, first, because of my love for it. I love the abstract representation we have from characters and environments. Pixel art, always forced us to use our imagination to complete the image in our minds of the characters on screen, just like reading a book.
As I mentioned above, I always felt like there was room for a game that would be using the basis from the early Prince of Persia and use the fun and fast paced action moves you can find in a game like NidHogg. I also feel like I will not get overwhelmed by dependencies and complex code, that I already know what needs to be done programming wise, so that I can humbly aim for completion.