PIXEL ART FRIDAY: Tutorials for all

Every Friday, Diver gives the control of the content to the viewers. He spends the We spend the time to answer you questions about pixel art, feel free to submit your art in chat or in discord. We will try to give you advice on composition, animation and more. It is a great time as we all gather knowledge, we create cool content and build a strong community over the stream.

You will find here a collection of Friday streams, each one being focused more on a specific topic.

Tune in Pixel Friday every Friday at 1030PM PST!


Oct 8 2017 | Pixelart Concept for Spartan Fist

Jul 6 2017 | Making a Top Down Tile Map for the community!

Dec 10 2016 | Post apocalyptic ranged weapons composition

Nov 25 2016 | Working on tile map composition | helping viewers with sprite shading